Whether you’ve built an entire development from the ground up, or have had an extension and want your home to feel like yours again, we provide thorough after builders cleans to take your property from a mess, to its best

After builders cleaning is a vital step in the handover of a new or refurbished building. PNP Solution Group possesses the knowledge and qualified personnel to carry out after build cleans and sparkle cleans that never fail to impress.


After a development has been built of a property has been renovated or redecorated, there is often quite a mess left behind and that’s where the builders clean process will assist. Whether its wood chippings, drill dust or broken glass, we can clean up your newly decorated properties to a fantastic standard, ensuring it is ready for those finishing touches.

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Who benefits from a builders clean?

Builders cleans are suitable for a range of clients. Projects can range from one-off projects and renovations, through to large-scale developments. Rest assured that whatever the size of your prpject, at PNP Solution Group we tailor our services to fit with your specific needs. Not only do we serve the construction trade, but we also supply builders clean services to smaller property developers, renovators, shop fitters and project managers.

Why PNP?

Following housebuilding and commercial property building and maintenance programmes, there is a requirement for occupation as quickly as possible, to maximise revenue for the landlord or developer, and minimise disruption for the occupiers.


At PNP Solution Group we always put the needs of clients first; this is why so many people choose PNP to cater to their bespoke cleaning requirements. Our aim is to provide quality over quantity, ensuring that all of our customers receive the safest and most efficient services possible.

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Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is extremely important for the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors. It has a direct impact on how your business is perceived in the eyes of your consumers. An intriguing fact is that a clean office promotes higher productivity and creativity levels. Regular maintenance and disinfection decreases the chance of spreading illness and unplanned staff absence.

As more people are returning to the offices after a long period of working from home, it is crucial for every employer to provide healthy and safe conditions. Professional office cleaning and disinfection are recommended on a regular basis. Special attention must be paid to communal and high traffic areas, such as the staff kitchen, restrooms, printing machines and any shared workspace.


Most employers prefer the cleaning to be done out of hours with minimal disruption to the working process. PNP Cleaning services can offer early morning or evening slots to suit your needs. We take great care when it comes to details. Desks, keyboards and screens will also be cleaned and disinfected. In addition, we can use antibacterial and virucidal eco-friendly products to minimise the impact on the environment. They are also beneficial for staff or visitors who may be allergic to some chemicals.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial kitchen cleaning is a tough job, but not for experts like us! Over the years we have been proudly serving a number of restaurants, pubs, cafes, event halls, schools and care homes. They trust us to provide the highest standard of cleanliness and professionalism in their commercial kitchens.


Our service includes extract and supply duct work, degreasing and deep cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning teams working in places where food and drinks are handled or prepared needs specific training. All our cleaners, who take on commercial kitchens have Health and Safety and Food Hygiene training certificates. In addition, they are trained to work with safe cleaning products, many of which are also gentle to the environment.

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